Winter Wonder Program Series (Dec – Mar)

Winter Wonder Program Series (Dec – Mar)

The Winter Wonder Program Series include a variety of expert naturalists who will lead a series of outdoor walks, indoor presentations, and other programs throughout the winter (December 2022 – March 2023) for the Wareham Land Trust. All programs are FREE and open to the public, but registration is encouraged (see links by individual events below). This program aims to dispel the common beliefs that nature is “lifeless” in the winter and that outdoor activities should be relegated to warmer months; on the contrary, the winter world has its own host of wonders and we hope this program will engage the community’s curiosity and interest in the natural world and the publicly accessible open space areas in Town throughout the cold season.

Click here for a larger/printable version of the Winter Wonder flyer. 

December 4, 2022: Winter Bird Walk w/Mike Tucker at Marks Cove 

Winter may be just around the corner, but our feathered friends are active year-round. Join expert birder Mike Tucker for a walk around Mark’s Cove Conservation Area looking for some of our year-round avian residents, as well as some winter migrants. Mark’s Cove Conservation Area provides a great assemblage of habitats, from freshwater ponds and wet meadows to forest and coastal salt marsh, which should provide a great opportunity to see a good number of species. Dress for the weather, wear sturdy walking shoes and bring a pair of binoculars if you have them. Click here to register

       Where: Mark’s Cove Conservation Area, 37 Nicholas Drive, Wareham

       When: Sunday, December 4th at 8am


December 10, 2022: Looking for Lichens w/Tom Walker at Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Did you know that lichens could survive in outer space? or that Ancient Egyptians used lichens to fill the body cavity of mummies? Join us on the 10th to learn more about the fascinating world of lichens. There are close to 20,000 species on this planet, and all are formed from the union of a fungus and an alga living “symbiotically.” Birds use them to line their nests, they slowly break rock down into soil, they stabilize bare soils, and many other things. Intolerant of pollution, they also act as a bioindicator of air quality. Lucky for us, they are abundant along our projecting coastlines where there is lots of clean, humid, ocean air. Join naturalist Tom Walker as we explore these fascinating, yet understudied treasures of our natural world. Dress for the weather, wear sturdy walking shoes and bring a hand lens if you have one. Click here to register

       Where: Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Stockton Shortcut and Great Neck Road, Wareham

       When: Saturday, December 10th at 11am


December 14, 2022: Feeding & Attracting Birds Talk w/Mike Tucker at the Wareham Free Library

Mike Tucker will be sharing some of the finer details of bird feeding and what you can do to successfully attract and feed birds all year. He will touch on feeders, food sources, layout, plant selection, water features, providing nesting opportunities and more. He will also take a closer look at the many bird species you can attract to your property with a well-designed wildlife landscape. Come with your bird questions! Click here to register.

       Where: Wareham Free Library, 59 Marion Road, Wareham

       When: Wednesday, December 14th at 6pm


January 1, 2023: First Day Hike at Douglas S. Westgate
Join Wareham Land Trust’s Terra Corps Service Member for a hike around Douglas S. Westgate Conservation Area. New Year’s Day is a great time to put those health and exercise resolutions into action! So, whether you’re hoping to get more active, spend more time outside, or explore new places this year, this event is sure to check off one of your resolution boxes. Dress in layers for the weather and wear sturdy walking shoes. Click here to register

       Where: Douglas S. Westgate Conservation Area, 29 Papermill Road, West Wareham

       When: Sunday, January 1st at 12pm


January 11, 2023: Winter Tree ID w/Chance Perks at Tweedy and Barnes

Join arborist Chance Perks for a chance to learn all about the trees around us that make our town such a beautiful place. We will begin with a short introduction on local trees. Chance will then guide us through the Tweedy & Barnes trails, pointing out unique identifying features that can be useful in distinguishing between different types of trees, even in winter. Dress in layers for the weather and wear sturdy walking shoes. Click here to register

       Where: Tweedy & Barnes Preserve, 230 Blackmore Pond Road, West Wareham

       When: Wednesday, January 11 at 1pm (weather date, if necessary: January 18)


February 1, 2023: Mid-Winter Night’s Dream w/Jackson Gillman at the Wareham Free Library

What better way to spend the eve of Groundhog Day than with Jackson Gillman regaling us with A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream? Is it a groundhog or Jackson who leaves his den to go on a winter walkabout, tracks an otter, goes airborne after an exhilarating slide, plunges into icy water, somehow survives hypothermia and dances under the Northern Lights with an angel? Jackson swears that much of these winter adventures are true-life. This warm-hearted evening will surely be a wild ride, and intriguing fun trying to divine fact from fiction. While the program is intended for adults, school-age children can easily follow and enjoy the story as well, and families are welcome. Click here to register.

       Where: Wareham Free Library, 59 Marion Road, Wareham

       When: Wednesday, February 1st at 6pm


February 18, 2023: Winter Insect Exploration w/Blake Dinius at Douglas S. Westgate

While insects may not be as obvious during the winter, they are still all around us – tucked into protective nooks and crannies or overwintering in non-adult forms. Join Plymouth County entomologist Blake Dinius on an exploration around the Douglas S. Westgate Conservation Area to look for various signs of insects. Dress in layers for the weather and wear sturdy walking shoes. Click here to register.

       Where: Douglas S. Westgate Conservation Area, 29 Papermill Road, West Wareham

       When: Saturday, February 18 at 1pm (weather date, if necessary: February 25)


February 21, 2023: Insects in Winter Talk w/Blake Dinius at the Wareham Free Library

Think insects are all dead and gone in the winter? Think again! Plymouth County entomologist Blake Dinius will give a presentation about the fascinating ways various insects survive the winter. Click here to register. 

       Where: Wareham Free Library, 59 Marion Road, Wareham

       When: Tuesday, February 21st at 6pm


March 4, 2023: Maple Sugaring Demo w/Jackson Gillman in Onset

Are you interested in having a taste of what maple sugaring is all about (literally and figuratively)? Then you’re invited to join us at Maple Street extension to see the process in action and have a taste for yourself. This program will offer participants the opportunity to see various aspects of maple sugaring firsthand, from tapping to boiling. Jackson Gillman will share his personal experience and process and describe how his backyard maple sugaring operation has grown from 4 to 40 taps over the years. Dress in layers for the weather, as this program will take place outdoors. Click here to register.

       Where: Jackson’s house in Onset (location and parking information will be provided to those pre-registered closer to the event).

       When: Saturday, March 4th at 1pm (weather date, if necessary: March 5)

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