Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Posted June 23, 2022

Creating a bucket list is a great way to brainstorm long and short term goals that you would like to accomplish in a certain amount of time. Currently, I have a personal bucket list of goals I want to achieve within my lifetime, a couples bucket list that my fiancé and I are working towards, and this year he and I are also making a Wareham-specific bucket list of things we want to experience this summer. By having a pre-made bucket list, it gives us some ideas for when we have free time and aren’t sure what to do. Typically, when thinking about creating goals, you want to use the SMART method (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based), so I recommend when thinking about season-specific bucket lists (or any short term goal list) to include some things that can be done in all weathers, and some things that are low-cost (or FREE!) to make sure you are creating a realistic list. You can make a list for things you want to do on your own, or if you have friends and/or family that want to get involved you can think of goals that everyone will enjoy! For our summer list we have included:

1. Kayak in 2 of the main rivers of Wareham

2. Spend time fishing in both fresh and salt water

3. Picnic dates on 3 different trails in Wareham

4. Capture a new species in our yard on one of our trail cameras

5. Collaborate on a piece of nature-themed art for our house

How you write and keep track of your bucket list is totally up to you – be as creative as you want! For some of our lists, we just note the date that we completed it, for some we write a short description of the experience, and for some we make sure to take a photo to capture the moment (either during the experience or of the completed project). For this list we have decided to take a photo and do a short write-up – so stay tuned at the end of summer/beginning of fall to find out if we were able to check off all of our goals this summer!


Written by Amy Pettigrew, WLT Board Member

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