Romantic Walks in Wareham

Romantic Walks in Wareham

Maybe you love to celebrate Valentine’s day with rose petals and champagne, or maybe you’re just in it for the half-off candy the day after. Either way, this romantic occasion is a wonderful time to take a quiet walk through nature with the one you love, whether that be a pet, a significant other, or yourself! Here’s a list of four places in Wareham we think are especially perfect for a heartfelt hike.


  1. Great Neck Conservation Area

This secluded network of Wildlands Trust trails can be accessed by a small parking area tucked away on Crooked River Rd. Follow the trail to enjoy a peaceful walk along protected wetlands. Eventually, you’ll reach Swan Pond where you can take a break on the bench facing the pond. Watch as the two resident swans bob for tubers and underwater plants. If you want to stroll further, the trail hugs the edges of beautiful farm. You can use a map to wind your way further into the forest.


  1. Tweedy & Barnes

Enjoy views of the Sippican River from this Wareham Land Trust-owned property. From the parking area on Blackmore Pond Road, you can meander left for a shorter hike through a sandy pine forest, or bear right to discover a mile-long history trail that loops through a mixed-hardwood forest. Along the history trail, you’ll learn a bit about why humans’ have had such a long-standing love affair with Wareham. Follow the trail spurs to the river to catch a glimpse of wintering waterfowl.


  1. Horseshoe Mill

Located minutes from shopping centers, you can hit this Buzzards Bay Coalition-owned property after picking up a box of chocolates. Follow the trail across the old dam and keep left for an especially beautiful trail that wanders the banks of the Weweantic River. There’s a pair of otters that have been seen frolicking in the waters here, so keep an eye out!


  1. Lyman Reserve

Whether you enjoy woods, wetlands, or the beach, this unique Trustees of Reservations-owned property has something for everyone. For a romantic jaunt, we suggest crossing the road from the parking area and heading down the quarter mile trail to the shores of Buttermilk Bay. There, you can explore the salt marshes or comb the shore for heart-shaped rocks.


–Michaella Sheridan, WLT MassLIFT Outreach Coordinator


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