Property Spotlight – Marks Cove

Property Spotlight – Marks Cove

Posted September 4, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

Salt marsh overlook at Marks Cove.

Hoping to enjoy the quiet beauty of the forest and marsh along Buzzards Bay? Check out Marks Cove Conservation Area on Nicholas Dr. in Wareham! Owned by the Wareham Land Trust, Wildlands Trust, the Town of Wareham, Massachusetts Audubon Society, and the Buzzards Bay Coalition, this property offers three short loops of trails, where you will see retired cranberry bogs, forests and marshes. The parcels of land that make up this property have been acquired as conservation land over the past 20 years, including donations from generous community members. Various parcels of Marks Cove Conservation Area have been identified as Priority Habitat of Rare Species by the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP). Species such as the eastern box turtle, plovers, several species of terns, and terrapins benefit from and rely on the protection of both the salt marsh and the adjacent uplands. Keep an eye out for wildlife and native plant species such as oak, pine, spicebush, clethra, and inkberry. Invasive plant species include greenbrier and oriental bittersweet.

Explore the trails at Marks Cove to experience the fall foliage as you travel through coastal forests to salt marshes!

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