Property Spotlight – Bryant Farm

Property Spotlight – Bryant Farm

Posted June 5, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

View of the Agawam River at Bryant Farm Preserve. Photo taken by Kyla Isakson on May 27, 2020.

In 1855, Ebenezer Bryant purchased a plot of land and a farmhouse. Over the years, Bryant Farm, originally named Riverside Farm, has had cows, chickens, and a vegetable/fruit stand. Since the land was acquired, five generations of the Bryant family lived in the farmhouse. In 2004, the Town of Wareham purchased the 101-acre lot to conserve the land for future generations. The Wareham Land Trust holds the CR on the property, so we rely on the efforts of dedicated volunteers to steward the land.

Bryant Farm Preserve has less than one mile of trails, including a riverside trail along the Agawam River. There is also a trail that leads out to the power lines, where an osprey nest is visible. If you’re looking for a longer walk or want to explore more, Bryant Farm Preserve abuts Minot Forest, which offers miles of trails.

For directions and more information, visit our properties page.

*Note: Access to Minot Forest from Bryant Farm Preserve is blocked by active railroad tracks. Please do not cross these. To access Bryant Farm Preserve, parking is available at Golf Shots- please be respectful of their lot and property. Always use your best judgement and be safe.

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