Naturalist’s Corner – Springtime!

Naturalist’s Corner – Springtime!

Eastern Skunk Cabbage at Westgate Conservation Area April 20, 2016

Posted April 8, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

With nicer weather on the horizon, there’s no better time to get outside and enjoy nature! Whether you spend time doing yard work at home, take a walk around the neighborhood, visit your favorite trail, or explore a new property, you can find peace and relaxation in the environment during this time of uncertainty. Take a moment to appreciate the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, the smell of freshly cut grass, the warm embrace from the midday sunshine, and how the clouds look swirling in the sky.

Eastern skunk cabbage at Westgate Conservation Area on April 6, 2020 Photo: Kyla Isakson

Eastern skunk cabbage begins to emerge in wetland soil, which is one of the first signs of spring. Keep an eye out for it and other signs of spring in the next few weeks!

The Wareham Land Trust is dedicated to conserving Wareham’s open spaces and natural resources. The organization also values the health of its members and the community. Please remember that during this time of concern about the spread of COVID-19, it is critical to limit your contact with others and practice good hygiene. As a reminder, our trails remain open for your use, and we encourage you to get outside and into nature as much as possible in the coming weeks.

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