Naturalist’s Corner – Eastern Chipmunks!

Naturalist’s Corner – Eastern Chipmunks!

Posted January 1, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

Photo of an eastern chipmunk, courtesy of Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

The eastern chipmunk is a type of ground squirrel, which means they build their nests on the ground instead of in trees. Eastern chipmunks typically have dark brown fur with lighter stripes down their backs, but the coloration and pattern on their fur can vary depending on the region in which they live. While eastern chipmunks do hibernate, they might wake to eat on a warm winter’s day; they will take advantage of getting food when they can. The diet of the eastern chipmunk consists of acorns, nuts, fruit, berries, seeds, and insects; their predators include hawks, snakes, foxes, weasels, and bobcats.

You have bags to carry food when you go grocery shopping, but chipmunks use pouches in their cheeks to carry more food. Next time you see a chipmunk scurrying along with full cheeks, know that it is stuffing its face to store food for later.

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