Naturalist’s Corner – Black-capped Chickadee!

Naturalist’s Corner – Black-capped Chickadee!

Posted February 22, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

The Massachusetts state bird is the Black-capped Chickadee! These birds have black heads and white cheeks, and they are often seen hopping around instead of walking. Chickadees build their nests in hollow trees using moss, fur, and grass. They typically eat bugs and seeds, which they hide for storage; they can remember thousands of places where they hid food! The seeds that are not found will possibly grow, so chickadees help spread seeds and improve the diversity of plants. Chickadees usually do not migrate, and they form flocks of up to ten birds to find food during the winter. They also enter a state of torpor, where they lower their body temperature at night to reduce energy loss and keep warm with dense plumage.

Their distinctive call sounds like they are saying ‘chick-a-dee’, and their whistle sounds like ‘fee-bee’. For more information and to listen to their calls, check out The Cornell Lab of Ornithology!

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