Naturalist’s Corner – Apple Trees!

Naturalist’s Corner – Apple Trees!

Posted May 20, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

In late May, apple trees will start to bloom with pink blossoms. Since apple seeds take a long time to grow into a tree, and the variety of apples grown from the seed is uncertain at times, farmers turn to grafting. Grafting is when a branch from one tree is cut and joined together with the trunk or branch of an already planted tree. The sections of the tree eventually grow together into one tree. In the spring, beehives are brought to the orchards to pollinate the trees. Once the trees have been pollinated, it takes approximately 10-20 weeks for apples to fully ripen into the familiar fruit.

To get a better understanding of how apple trees and other plants start to grow, try it on your own! All you need is a seed, a sealable plastic bag, a wet paper towel, and a sunny window. Be sure to research the best practices to promote germination.

Don’t have apple seeds? Try experimenting with your own window greenhouse using other seeds from fruits, vegetables or flowers. You can follow along with our Window Greenhouse blog. This experiment is great for all ages!

If you had success with your window greenhouse, please share with us by email, Facebook, or Instagram!

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