July 2020 Trail Days

July 2020 Trail Days

Posted June 29, 2020

Written by Mike Perrin

Trails Tuesdays

Clouded Sulfur photographed by Mike Perrin through binoculars at Marks Cove

Volunteer trail work events are a great way to get outdoors, improve access and safety of trails, and learn about the natural world. As many of us are cooped up indoors, we are beginning to see more trail walkers than ever! Wareham Land Trust trails require maintenance and upkeep to ensure recreation opportunities, including trail clearing, pulling of invasive species, and picking up litter.

If you enjoy the trails in Wareham, want to learn more about nature, or want to meet like-minded environmentalists in Wareham, please consider joining us on Trail Tuesdays: July 7th at Douglas S. Westgate Conservation Area (location subject to change) & July 21st at Tweedy and Barnes Conservation Area. 10:00am start time. Last week during our trail work at Marks Cove Natural Area, we cleared the trails of downed branches, cut back overgrown shrubs, and picked up trash around the parking lot. We also saw many species of birds, including Black-capped Chickadees, Pine Warblers, and Eastern Towhees and butterflies, including clouded sulfur and silver-spotted skipper.

Please sign up here. Feel free to email TerraCorps Member, Mike Perrin, at Stewardship@Warehamlandtrust.org with any questions!

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