Join the OspreyWatch Team!

Join the OspreyWatch Team!

Posted April 7, 2022

Ospreys, like eagles, were almost wiped out by the use of the pesticide DDT in the 1970s. Thanks to the efforts of many environmental and conservation organizations around the world, they are no longer on the endangered species list. It’s important to study ospreys and track their success year after year since they are considered global sentinels for aquatic health. They feed almost exclusively on live fish and are very sensitive to both overfishing and environmental contaminants.

OspreyWatch is a global community of observers focused on breeding osprey. Mass Audubon has set up a monitoring group within the larger OspreyWatch data repository, called Mass Audubon – South Coast, to collect and consolidate the data for the area’s osprey nests. The Wareham Land Trust manages the local nests that we know about in Wareham and Onset, mapping and naming the nests to avoid duplicates, and keeping track of who is monitoring them. You might already watch and unofficially journal about a nest. If you would like to become a member of the WLT OspreyWatch team, all you need to do is sign up! Please email WLT members Helen Lozoraitis, or Lori Benson, if you’re interested. For more information about the OspreyWatch program, click here then click on “About OspreyWatch” at the top of the page.

Photo: Osprey chicks on a nest, taken by Lori Benson.

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