7/19/16 Cape Cod Rabies Program–Expanded to Wareham

7/19/16 Cape Cod Rabies Program–Expanded to Wareham

Tuesday, July 19th: 6:30 pm. Old Methodist Meeting House, Wareham MA


Raccoon rabies was first reported in Massachusetts in September 1992. Since that time, through 2013, there have been greater than 5,900 wildlife cases of rabies in Massachusetts. Domestic animals are at risk for developing rabies when they are bitten by an infected wild animal. Every year, many people in Massachusetts are exposed to rabies either through direct contact with infected wildlife or by contact with domestic dogs and cats exposed to infected wildlife.*

A preventative measure of raccoon vaccination that first began over the bridges 13 years ago on Cape Cod has now been expanded to include Wareham. Brian Bjorklund, Wildlife/Rabies Biologist USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services, would like to share information with local residents about the history of the program; what it entails and how it works; its importance; and effectiveness.

Topics to be covered at this event will include:

  • What to do if you come across a bait station
  • What happens if a human is exposed to the vaccine
  • What should we do if we find injured or rabid animals in the wild
  • How are pets affected by the traps and vaccines
  • Where will the program be taking place

Please join us for this informative discussion!

*Source:  http://www.barnstablecountyhealth.org/cape-cod-rabies-task-force

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