Board of Directors 2017-2018

Board of Directors 2017-2018

At the September monthly Board meeting, the annual election of Officers and Directors was held. Susan McCombe was elected as the new President. Thank you, Sue, for all your hard work and accepting this new and exciting challenge! We are all VERY grateful for the hard work, talent, commitment, and thoughtful planning and organizing skills of Kevin Bartsch, our past President. Thankfully, he remains part of our dedicated Board.

Wareham Land Trust, Inc.

2017-2018 Officers and Directors


Susan McCombe, President

John Browning, Vice President

Robert C. Gleason, Vice President

Nancy McHale, Treasurer

Mary McFadden, Clerk

JC Weber, Assistant Clerk

Directors** (term expires)

Kevin Bartsch (2020)

Lori Benson (2018)

Len Boutin (2019)

John Browning (2018)

Robert C. Gleason (2019)

Peter LaBouliere (2020)

Susan McCombe (2020)

Mary McFadden (2020)

Nancy McHale (2018)

Kathleen Pappalardo (2019)

Malcolm Phinney (2018)

Dale Scott (2020)

Lawrence T.P. Stifler, Ph.D. (2019)

JC Weber (2019)

Board of Advisors

Ann Bryant, Paul Cavanagh, Ph.D., Roxanne Ellis-Raymond, Lauren Griffith, Tom Kinsky, Carleen M. Loper, Martha Maguire, Linda Scharf, Robert Scott, Sandra Stewart Wheeler

*Officers serve terms of one year and are elected by the Directors at the first meeting following the annual meeting. **Directors serve staggered terms of one to three years and are elected by the members at the annual meeting.

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