A Weekend of Trails and Fishing

A Weekend of Trails and Fishing

Posted June 6, 2020

Written by Mike Perrin

This weekend is a big weekend for outdoor recreation: today, June 6th, is National Trails Day promoted through the American Hiking Society and this weekend is Free Freshwater Fishing Weekend through MassWildlife. In efforts to combine these two wonderful events, Wareham Land Trust is promoting trails for recreationists to hike and fish around Wareham! 

Wareham is home to many wonderful natural areas protected by a number of local conservation entities, but many of the trail systems are maintained by volunteers! If you would like to pledge to help in the stewarding of these trails, please contact Wareham Land Trust’s Land Stewardship Coordinator, Mike Perrin, at stewardship@warehamlandtrust.org.

In Massachusetts, a freshwater fishing license is required for any anglers over the age of 15 (except this weekend of course). Lakes, ponds, and major rivers are open to fish year-round, while smaller streams and brooks are only open from April 1st to September 10th, and some fish like American shad, are catch-and-release only! Please view these Massachusetts’ fishing guidelines to learn about freshwater fishing and how to follow the proper practices.


  1. Whitlock’s Landing: This small preserve owned by the Wareham Land Trust does not have any trails, but offers great opportunities to fish in Agawam Mill Pond. Fed by the Agawam River, Agawam Mill Pond hosts fish such as bass, sunfish, and pickerel. Agawam River is also known for its amazing herring migration, and since Whitlock’s Landing is just north of Agawam River Herring Run, it is a wonderful place to witness their journey (note: fishing for herring is illegal in Massachusetts). You can fish on shore or launch a boat or kayak!
  2. Agawam River Trail: A great way to enjoy both events, Agawam River Trail is a short, 0.5-mile loop with a kayak launch. The trail highlights scrubby pitch pines, beautiful views of the river, and wonderful wildlife such as Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron, and Pine Warbler. This is another great place to fish, so be sure to watch the Osprey as your guides! This property is also owned by Wareham Land Trust.


  1. Douglas S. Westgate Conservation Area: With over 2-miles of trails, this is a great property to celebrate National Trails Day. A great diversity of landscapes provides a nice hike, with habitats including retired cranberry bogs, mixed forests, and the Weweantic River. You might even get lucky and encounter an Osprey fishing over the river! This town-owned property is protected and maintained in part by the Wareham Land Trust. Please contact stewardship@warehamlandtrust.org to get involved in WLT’s volunteer trails crew.
  2. Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary: Mass Audubon’s Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary has wonderful trails through towering pines and along the brackish shores of salt marshes. These trails are maintained largely by a crew of dedicated volunteers and neighbors, bringing a community aspect to National Trails Day! Please contact poneill@massaudubon.org or stewardship@warehamlandtrust.org to join the group.

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