DIY Window Greenhouse Experiment

DIY Window Greenhouse Experiment

Posted March 16, 2020

Updated March 24, 2020

Written by Kyla Isakson

Looking for something to do at home to pass the time? Wareham Land Trust TerraCorps service member Kyla Isakson decided to test out a window greenhouse. Follow along with her progress here and download your own observation sheet to setup your own window greenhouse at home! -Amy Pettigrew

Follow along with Kyla’s seed growth and try it on your own!

Download your own Window Greenhouse-Observation Sheet

Week 0 (March 16, 2020)

For my window greenhouse, I chose to use green pepper seeds that were not soaked overnight. You can use whatever seeds you have available to you. I started by trimming a napkin so it would fit in the small plastic bag. I then dampened the napkin and wrung out the excess water. Next, I labeled my plastic bag with the date, time, and whether the seeds were soaked in water overnight. I placed the napkin in the plastic bag, followed by 5 seeds placed about 1 inch from the bottom. Using masking tape, I hung the plastic bag on a sunny window with the seeds facing inside so that I could easily monitor their progress and growth. Now I have my own window greenhouse to grow green peppers!

I will check on them each week and record my observations.

Week 0 (initial observations)

The seeds are round, white, and show no signs of growth.

Note: If your seeds start sliding towards the bottom of the bag, gently move them back to 1 inch from the bottom. Try to avoid unnecessary disturbances as this could affect the growth of your seeds.

Week 1 (March 23, 2020)

After one week of growing, little has changed in my window greenhouse. I can now see condensation collecting on the bag from the moisture in the paper napkin. I was not entirely expecting to see any growth due to the cooler and cloudy conditions this past week. The seeds might not be getting enough warmth or sunlight to start growing. This week will hopefully have better weather so that I can report some exciting observations. Be sure to check in next week!

The seeds are round, white, and still show no signs of growth. There is condensation on the inside of the bag.

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